A vital part of our farm operation is the diverse cattle program. As an organic farm committed to sustainable and regenerative agriculture, we practice what has been called “adaptive grazing” with a high density of animals per acre as they move through fields in herds as they would in the wild. This reaps tremendous benefits for our pastures, crop fields, and other areas of the farm. Our cattle fall within three groups: breeds that include the finest grass fed genetics, a heritage breed called Pineywoods, and a small group of top quality Jerseys.

We market our cattle into a branded grass fed program, regional CSA’s, selling replacement and bred heifers, seed stock, and direct market.

Pineywoods Herd

The Pineywoods are the oldest breed in the United States, descending from cattle brought from Spain into the Americas as early as the 1500s.

A photo of a Pineywoods cow at Bois d'Arc Farm

At Bois d’Arc Farm we are privileged to have what we believe to be the largest herd in the country of purebred Pineywoods. This unique, colorful cow is both unusual and eye-catching. We have found the beef to be truly delicious! Smaller framed and a natural forager/grazer, Pineywoods can hold condition and easily sustain their long lives on a grass/forage diet and even forsake pastureland for the woods and the undergrowth found there. Although not a traditional beef cow by today’s standards, the Pineywoods often was a multi-purpose cow in their early life in the Americas serving as the family milk cow, beef animals and draft workers. A forebear of the Texas Longhorn among others, the Pineywoods continue to thrive where great taste, efficiency, commitment to heritage cattle, and a unique cattle herd are desired.

We often sell heifers, bred heifers, bulls and steers to breeders and also market steers through CSA’s and direct market. Contact us if you are interested in our Pineywoods Cattle in the Contact section of the website.

Commercial Herd / Purebred Beef Cattle

Our commercial herd is made up primarily of Black Angus, Red Angus, and South Poll cattle. Black and Red Angus—long a staple in England and here in the states—have for generations proven that they can provide a tasty beef that is produced efficiently. We have searched the country and procured a foundation of brood cows with the best grass-fed genetics in Black and Red Angus as well as South Poll cattle and have bulls of each breed. We offer steers to a branded grass-fed program, as well as seed stock for those interested in grass-fed genetics for your own grazing program.

A photo of red and black cattle at Bois d'Arc Farm

In addition to our commercial herd we have a seed stock group of registered Black and Red Angus and South Poll cattle and occasionally have replacement heifers, bred heifers, breeding age bulls, proven bulls and rarely, breeding cows for sale. In building our herd we are using some of the best genetics in the country and can supply you with cattle that are adapted to fescue, have tolerance for a wide variety of weather conditions and provide fertility and the ability to make your operation profitable by efficiently raising a good calf annually that can finish on grass.

To contact us about our commercial or registered cattle, please send us a message through the Contact section of the website.


Jersey cattle were introduced to the farm in 2012. We now maintain a small group of registered A2A2 Organic Jerseys as a source of occasional heifer replacement sales for organic farms, family milk cows or cows for those farms looking to produce A2A2 milk on their farms.

A photo of Jersey cattle at Bois d'Arc Farm

The Jerseys are also a part of the history of our area and of interest to visitors. One of the greatest Jersey farms of all time, Cedarcrest Farms, was established in the 1930’s in Faunsdale, AL, despite warnings that the climate was too hot for this breed. Over time, the herd became more and more acclimated to the climate and more and more famous. The Queen of England sent her herdsman to visit it. The father of one of our current farm founders traveled from some distance to buy a bull from the herd in the 1950’s. After the herd was broken up some years ago, most went to distant states but we saved some for Alabama. This was the source of our original Jersey herd and the foundation which we are building upon today. Our own sales to three Southern dairies in 2016 have been followed up by requests for “more of these great cattle” as they become available.

There is nothing more photogenic or widely appealing than a Jersey calf in the bovine world and many visitors to the farm find them one of our great attractions.

If you have any interest in our Jersey cattle and breeding program, please send us a message through the Contact section of the website.